Our Mission

Welcome to Lefthanders Legacy! Our website is an attempt to unite Left-Handers world-wide and create an online community for Right-Brained thinking.

Our goal is to bring Southpaws together and educate the world on the ten percent solution. Right-Handers, who comprise 90% of the world’s population, have no understanding of the obstacles and challenges Left-Handers face on a daily basis.  Our goal is to stimulate Right-Brained thinking and to help one another survive and thrive in a Right-Handed world.

Secondly, we seek to celebrate our Left-Handedness by honoring sensational Southpaws of past and present. Our list of Left-Handed Pioneers is by no means complete, so stay tuned as our pantheon continues to grow.

Left-Handers of the world, it is to time to embrace the gifts we have been given.  Join us today in our quest to create a Global Southpaw Society!