Right Side of Brain Functions

The right side of the brain specializes in combining the parts to produce a whole. Unlike the left, the right hemisphere organizes things simultaneously. It specializes in a method that perceives and constructs patterns. It is most efficient at visual and spatial processing and it is thought that non verbal stimuli are processed primarily in the right side of brain hemisphere. A person who is right brain dominant is often thought of as the dreamer, the artist, or musician. Just because they are not as good with numbers and remembering facts does not mean that they are “dumber” than a left brain person.

Here are some characteristics of a right brained person. People with a right side brain dominance frequently demonstrate these qualities and characteristics.

  • Prefer rock music
  • Right brain controls left side of body
  • Prefer visual instructions with examples
  • Good at sports
  • Like to art
  • Follow Eastern Thought*
  • Cat Lovers
  • Enjoy clowning around
  • Can be hypnotized
  • Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
  • Can listen to music or TV while studying
  • Need total quiet to read or study
  • Like to write fiction
  • Prefer group
  • Enjoy dreaming about things that will probably never happen
  • Enjoy making up own drawings and images
  • Good at geometry
  • Like organizing things to show relation
  • Can memorize music