Left Side of Brain Functions

The left brain hemisphere processes information sequentially and is described as analytical because it specializes in recognizing parts which make a whole. Although it is most efficient at processing verbal information, language should not be considered as being in the left side of brain hemisphere. This hemisphere is able to recognize that one stimulus comes before another and verbal perception and generation depends on the awareness of the sequence in which sounds occur.

Left side of brain functions:

Here is a list of things that people with left side brain dominance are good at, things they like, and functions performed in the left side of brain.

  • Prefer Classical Music
  • Control of the right side of your body
  • Prefer things like instructions to be done verbally
  • Good at math
  • Like to read
  • Follow Western Thought*
  • Very Logical
  • Dog lovers
  • Don’t enjoy clowning around
  • Can’t be hypnotized
  • Usually remember things only specifically studied
  • Need total quiet to read or study
  • Need total quiet to read or study


  • Like to write non-fiction
  • Prefer individual counseling
  • Enjoy copying or tracing pictures and filling in details
  • Enjoy reading action stories
  • Usually rational
  • Usually do things in a planned orderly way
  • When answering questions, tend not to let their personal feelings get in the way
  • Good at algebra
  • Can remember verbal material
  • Seldom absent minded
  • Like to tell stories but not act them out