Gerald R Ford

Accomplishments of President Gerald R Ford: Only President neither elected to the Presidency or the

Ronald Reagan

Accomplishments of President Reagan: Developed "Reagonomics" (supply-side economic policies) as a means of controlling inflation

George Herbert Walker Bush

  Accomplishments of President George Herbert Walker Bush: Ambassador to the United Nations Head of

Bill Clinton

Domestic accomplishments of President Bill Clinton: Presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion

Barack Obama

Accomplishments of President Barack Obama: First black present of the Harvard Law Review Signed the

Marie Curie

Achieving greatness and fame does not come without a cost. Personal sacrifice is a constant

Bill Gates

One dictionary defines “legend” as a person who is the subject of a collection of

Paul McCartney

“Love is all you need” wrote an amazing Southpaw musician and charitable human being. Paul

Jimi Hendrix

Although Paul McCartney’s impact on music is amazing, Jimi Hendrix made his mark in a

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is yet another example of a famous left hander who changed the world.